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Your children are your most important possession, when entrusting their care to your nanny, be sure you have the very best.

The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a child’s development. Research affirms how important it is to stimulate them to help their brain cells form connections, laying the path to future learning. Children learn through play and by actively involving the nannies in the fun playgroup, we help the nannies receive practical experience in early child hood stimulation.



Our lessons consist out of a fun movement program that is designed to develop gross and fine motor skills, focusing on age appropriate stimulation. We host a weekly play group in your neighbourhood.

This is followed by a craft that mainly focus on fine motor skills development and creativity. During the snack time we provide the nannies with training and discuss the home activities we have put together for that week. Every week we have a new theme. Over a six week cycle we focus on a specific developmental area that is incorporated into the lesson to show the nannies fun and practical ways to stimulate your child. After every six weeks they receive a certificate for that developmental area.


Groups will be led and supervised by a qualified teacher and Kinderkineticist.

As a Kinderkineticist, Zani studied for five years and has experience in developing movement programs for children. The movement program helps the child to develop motor skills through a scientifically designed programme. She is also able to recognise developmental delays and can help your child improve in these areas. Jeanne is a qualified school teacher and has two beautiful toddlers. Through her teaching experience and trying to keep two toddlers entertained she has come up with many fun activities. She realised the need for properly trained nannies to stimulate busy kids. This resulted in the concept of a nanny playgroup.


General Information

Currently we can host groups in Avalon Estate, Boston, D’Urbanvale, Durbanville Hills, Hillwood and Oakwood Estates in Pinehurst, Rustenberg Farm, Stellenberg, Jonkershoek and Welgevonden Estate in Stellenbosch and Welgemoed. As demand grows, groups can be hosted in your neighbourhood.

To keep it neighbourhood based we encourage parents to make their homes available for hosting once a week. For hosting parents we only charge 75% of the fee. We can only provide the discount if there’s 5 children or more and if it falls within the Northern Suburbs area, further away we incur extra travelling cost. Hosting parents only provide the location and don’t have to prepare anything. Weather permitting groups are also hosted from a public park in the neighbourhood.

Groups will run for 60min once a week.

Groups are held in Afrikaans and English depending on the demographics of the group.

Price is R480 per month payable over 12 months.

Missed sessions are unfortunately forfeited as preparations are made in advance. By prior arrangement lessons can be caught up at another session in a different area.

A once off registration fee of R250 per child is levied and includes an apron for your child, a flip file, cloth carry bag and certificates for nanny on completion of developmental areas.

Parents without nannies are also welcome

Private lessons can be arranged

We can facilitate the process to enrol your nanny for a First Aid training workshop at an additional cost to the parent.

Time Split

Baby Massage
Visual Stimulation
Auditory Stimulation
Tactile Stimulation
And Much More!

Groups are led by trained professionals, Zani is a Kinderkineticist and Jeanne is a qualified Primary School teacher.

All Teachers

Take a sneak peak into our fun-packed classes, and also the sense of pride our nannies feel after completing each module.
Zani Groenewald
Degree: Kinderkineticist
Experience: 6 Years
Hobbies: Gym, Spending time with Friends and Family
Zani Groenewald, co-owner of Nanny FUNdamentals loves to work with children and feels that nannies play a very important part in a child’s life. This is why she believes in teaching and showing nannies how to play in an educational […]
Jeanne Kotze
Degree: B.Ed Primary School
Experience: 12 Years
Hobbies: Gardening, Golf, Spending time with my family and Reading
Jeanne Kotze is a qualified B.Ed primary school teacher who has worked as a teacher since 2005. It was during her time in Malawi while a nanny was looking after her two babies that she realised that there is a […]