Jeanne Kotze

Jeanne Kotze is a qualified B.Ed primary school teacher who has worked as a teacher since 2005. It was during her time in Malawi while a nanny was looking after her two babies that she realised that there is a need to adequately train nannies who look after our little ones. As a teacher, she feels that a child should be age appropriately stimulated in an environment that is safe, fun and creative. What better place is there for this to happen than in your own home? With proper training and continued support, Jeanne wants to empower nannies with creative ideas to stimulate children. Working with nannies and children is a passion and calling for her. She also wants nannies to apply what they learn to their own families and communities. Through the joint efforts of the playgroups and the employers who invest in their nannies; they can make a positive contribution to early childhood education.